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Keenan Outreach's programs are designed with the grieving heart in mind and works to ensure comfort with the idea of loss

Repose Support Group

Repose - the state of rest, peace or tranquility, is a support group  for those who have been affected by the loss of a loved one. Its sessions will assist the grieving  with coping with such turn of events.  It is designed to give the group the tools they need to begin, accept, or continue grieving. It's tactics include a six week curriculum that walks through a series eye opening group work with the goal to leave the session with a true understanding of how to cope with death and a community of friends and "new family" of support.

Next Session Details

We are now accepting new participants to join us for our next online support group session. To see that we are able to provide a personal connection with you through true healing , space is limited on a first come basis. Learn more by registering  as member today, where yo will have access to a free library of resources committed to helping you cope with your grief 

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